34es - G.I.N.A. guest track at Skilopita Kommeni Fytini Aleimmeni album
released December 31, 2015 

artwork: Αποδομητική Σταπελιάδα

Hey Xena, where did you put underwater fairylight 
to dump into the pool 
-Darling, I just decorated the bathroom, maybe I left them there 
I’ll run and check, Christmas is around the corner, dammit 
-I have found some amazing fairy lights that double as dildo 
it’s like having a sparkling dildo in your pussy, you are having a fabulous time 
Fabulous! I generally think Christmas is dope 
I think it will be exquisite. I think of roasting ten turkeys 
like, stuff them with lots of chestnuts 
like, some kind of gourmet shit 
like, dump some kind of blueburry sauce on top 
let’s do some Christmas pie 
we will certainly do a pie you slut. 
you know, the kind that have cum inside. 
Daddies’ sperm 
Several hairy daddies, 
like, discreet stalions 
Christmas is generally Fabulous 
cause everyone says they ll go out with their friends 
but instead they come over and we fuck. 
all of them married 
you know, it’s the holiday excuses 
you offer Christmas cookies and get back penis 
I’m wanna wear my Santa Claus thong 
And I bought a Santa beard 
and like a dildo 
like, fuck them in the ass for good luck, happy new year 
I can’t understand people who say Christmas is not fantastic 
like slut, Christmas is great, Duh! 
Christmas is objectively the best holiday 
oh Aposmene, in Christmas we can hear my favourite song 
put it on! 
Let’s dance ‘Last Christmas’

from XMAX, released December 25, 2014
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